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LorGourmet : promoting the Lorraine's gastronomic heritage to export

A sustainable export development

The grouping LorGourmet was created in March 2011 on the initiative of CCI International Lorraine and the Association of food processing industries of Lorraine (AIAL).

LorGourmet federates Agrifood businesses based in Lorraine with the aim of developing their exports activities on the long term. LorGourmet's members have a common objective : to promote the Lorraine region and its traditional gastronomic specialities, both in France and internationally. They aim to develop a strong support network and to diversify their offering by combining complementary know-how and products.


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A LorGourmet Charter of values and common objectives was signed by members and partners the 11th of October 2012 during the "International Day" organised by CCI International Lorraine in Pont-à-Mousson (France), Abbaye des Prémontrés.

The LorGourmet Charter

  • Promote Lorgourmet global offer at individual or collective events
  • Develop a truly mutualized network of agri-food producers of the Lorraine region
  • Promote a team spirit, mutual trust among member-partners
  • Maintain fair competition, respecting confidentiality of data
  • Respect the Lorraine traditions in gastronomy, by promoting quality products
  • Ensure an active involvement of members within the association
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